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Cartoon Faces
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A Mixed Media Artist at Heart

As a mixed media artist, I am constantly experimenting with new materials and innovative ways to use them. It was an outgrowth of this process to turn some of my larger sculptural works – especially those with a humorous bent -- into human scale wearable art.  


My fondness for vintage cartoons inspired me to first draw -- and then make -- a cartoon necklace. Using 3D printing in steel, I was able to make it have an industrial feel. It was a natural transition to transform my round Rolling Woman, “On A Roll” outdoor sculpture into a bracelet; and the use of sterling silver brought the humor into the world of elegant. Playing on my penchant for humor and whimsy, I married the use of symbol people in my sculptures with my childhood memory of making paperclip necklaces, and the Paperclip People came about.  Sophistication and childhood joy are not incompatible!

My latest Graffiti Series has come about from my love of photographing graffiti around the world. I came up with shapes to add my photos. 

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